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Corporate relocation company shifting, and expertise provided by Al Faris movers packers. services include insurance and assistance nationwide within UAE

Corporate relocation;

Al Faris’s mission is to provide corporate relocation and the best shifting offers in the UAE. Thus, we offer our clients with corporate services for moving with ease. Our experienced staff will provide the best relocation services for your company and employees

Corporate Services

Al Faris provides a truly exceptional relocator with hands-on experience to our corporate clients. We provide seamless, cost-effective transitions for even the most hectic relocation.

Corporate services for Employees;

Al Faris believes in professional service provided evenly to all its clients. the high-touch, customized personal service will be provided to employees.

Corporate Consultancy;

Al Faris will provide you with high-end consultancy. Experts will opine to you the layout for relocation. This layout will include drafting, quotations, and plans for further assistance.

Relocation Policy Design;

Al Faris Corporate relocation experts will work with you professionally. Policies include; Damage policy for our corporate clients. even the insurance to cover the overall damage. Al Faris works exclusively with clients and employees to enhance binary relations.


However, AL Faris movers and packers administer the team day before relocation day. Thus we move by planning the relocation. Al Faris will be sending you a devoted team on execution day to carry our the shifting easily.

Group Move;

Indeed, Al Faris movers corporate relocation team will best provide a quotation. Thus, the operation runs smoothly after drafting and official listing of items. Our team will discuss it with you in case of group relocation or company shifting.

Relocation Specialists;

Experts analysists will provide the utmost services besides the services rendered to you by AL Faris. As a company shifting, relocation specialist, The HR department helps to arrange relocation for employees who are new hires or transfers from out of town. Maintaining a professional network of relocation agents, moving companies, and personal storage facilities are among your responsibilities. Corporate Relocator also keeps track of housing costs and moving expenses for your area. It’s other job duties include consulting with the relocating employees to understand their needs, matching them with providers of relocation services, and arranging for payment or reimbursement of moving expenses. Al Faris Corporate relocation is a unique offer.

Locating assistance; Corporate relocation

Al Faris corporate relocation locator services indeed could be hired either online or by phones. Quotations tho, providing is only done after evaluating the items. otherwise, we shall dispatch the team of experts to you on the reservation for evaluation and further consultancy.

Financial service and Expense management | Al Faris

Al Faris company shifting helps minimize the disruptions often associated with relocation by managing and uploading data into the client’s accounting, payroll, accounts payable, and human resources departments.

Expense Tracking; Corporate relocation

Al Faris Corporate relocation has a unique policy of keeping records of usual expenses. whether its packing or moving expenses. Additionally, we keep gross expenses for relocation services and keep you updated on expenses.

Contact us;

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