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Hey, my dear readers, I welcome you to my blog, well I know you are looking for movers in dubai. Perhaps, It’s one of the hectic jobs to just move or shift houses. So it is your belongings, and relocation on top of your busy schedule is an impossible thing.

Movers and packers Monologue

hi I’m Al Faris representative. I welcome you to Al Faris movers and packers best moving and storage company in Dubai. This is a featured series on packing and moving. For today we’re going to cover what you should be doing two weeks prior to your moves

DIY MOVING |movers in dubai

Perhaps move by this time some of your items should already be packed. You should continue packing offseason clothes or items that you know that you’re not going to use. In fact, it’s also a good time to start removing any light fixtures or drapes. The only item that you want to take with you to the new location

How to plan for moving to Dubai?

Movers and packers suggest you should notify the services and utilities. Identify the items at your one month mark now is a good time to clean out the pantry. Moreover, get rid of any unwanted or expired items remember if you haven’t used it since last winter/summer. You’re probably not going to use it at the new location the garage is another place to

Do’s and Dont |movers, and packers

(movers in dubai) Now for the crucial part, start to get rid of any unused or expired paint or chemicals. But make sure to follow any correct disposal instructions also get rid of any cleaners anything combustible. Now, these items can’t be moved to make sure to drain all fuel out of your lawnmower. If you can and disconnect any gas propane grills evaluate your packing situation are you hitting your daily goals.

However, if you’re behind and using Al Faris movers give us a call. Thus, we can help with any final packing that’s needed to make any final decisions on items you want to

keep or get rid of schedule donations or clothes toys or other unwanted items

PRO-Tip |movers in dubai

Thus, its a day of relocation. You should make arrangements for a pet sitter or a babysitter for the day of the relocation. It’s better to have the pets and kids away from the hustle and bustle of move day.

Movers and packers recommend making sure you have scheduled your time off from work to be present during the shifting of house in dubai If you’re moving to an apartment

Moving Packing Reservations.

Therefore make sure you’ve reserved the elevator for the day of your move ten flights of stairs with your couch in our hands isn’t going to be a pretty sight. It is much better to notify the town/building manager that you are relocating and you need a clearance. movers in Dubai also offer exclusive custom offers.

COVID-19 And moving Packing.

The pandemic has although affected almost all of the of the world halting all the services. However, movers in dubai are still available for provision of services to our clients. We make sure our clients are following the safety rules to ensure the safe removals of your house/office or whatever you are moving.


So you are hiring the movers and packers and still unsure of safety precautions leave a comment and I will make sure that you have no ambiguities left…..

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