movers packers in dubai , المحركون في دبي
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Before we have a look at Movers packers in Dubai, lets what the city Dubai itself looks like. The city located in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle Eastern Region. Dubai is a big metropolitan city with great hustle and bustle, great beaches & skyscrapers at just a 30 minutes drive away from UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi. It is a congested city with a population of more than 3.33 million people. These people come from around the world to earn a living for themselves. Its often said that Dubai is at the center stage of our world. To say the least, the world looks towards Dubai as a city that is always flourishing and great for businesses.

Importance of movers packers in Dubai

As we know that Dubai is a very busy city. People from around the world come here for jobs, businesses, etc. People live a very busy life in Dubai. So when it comes to moving while working, they find it very difficult to concentrate on their work and moving their office or home.

So when it comes to shifting their houses or offices any kind of luggage the people in big cities such as Dubai look for moving and packing companies. These movers and packers help people out in moving there luggage from one place to another. Movers and packers make the shifting process easy, for their customers looking to move their luggage from one place. Once you hire movers and packers company you don’t have to take a holiday or short leave from your work, only for the sake of moving. Movers and packers Also provide safe and secure transportation to your luggage as it is their responsibility to do so.

Characteristics of best movers packers in Dubai:

Whether you’re moving for the first time or you move multiple times. Finding reliable packing and moving service in Dubai is a hard thing to do. But with little patience, research, observation, and negotiation skills, you can hire the best movers and packers. It will also keep you away from the stress of moving. Movers and packers deal with different people to meet their moving requirements and this enables them to guide you in the right direction. Here are some essential qualities that your moving company must-have.


Every move requires the different tools and boxes and the quantity varies from person to person and job to job. Those companies that have been in business for a long period of time understand this. And they try to offer a customized pricing option to the customers. Because if they go about charging the same price for every move, they start losing their customers. Ask yourself, would you pay the same amount for a studio apartment’s moving as you do for a big house’s moving job? This is the important question to ask when it comes to pricing for the moving services and this would help you in selecting the best movers packers in Dubai.


The time has changed so the needs of customers looking for Movers Packers in Dubai and those service providers that claim to offer the best packing and moving services in Dubai understand. They know that a customer can ask for any service that would help him in executing the moving plan so they remain ready for that. Try selecting a moving company that offers multiple solutions in a single service package like packing, loading/unloading and arranging for handyman services, etc. If they can reduce your frustration, they are surely the best service providers to work with. Primarily, because they know your needs. Secondarily due to readiness that can be seen in their passion to serve.


It’s not the tools or machinery that makes a company reliable but the people that represent the organization. While searching for the best movers packers in Dubai, your focus should be on hiring a company that employs passionate people. Because ultimately it is the workforce that you’re dealing with rather than the higher management. Having dedicated movers by your side would help you in receiving multiple suggestions that work if there is a situation that demands another approach to executing your moving plan.


The best movers packers in Dubai would be transparent in every aspect and would never let you rethink your hiring decision. I mean, a good company never plays its customers at any cost and that’s what you should be looking for when searching reliable packing and moving services in Dubai. Work with only those service providers that remain true to their commitments from start to end and never overcharge, or mislead you with respect to their services.

Mistakes you should avoid while relocating in Dubai:

Any time you’re moving many things at once you’re vulnerable to make few mistakes. And while to err is human, moving has a tendency to be stressful enough as it is. The least amount of moving mistakes you can make, the more pleasant the entire process will be.

How to relocate? The more you can learn about what you should and shouldn’t do before your next move, the better your move will go. So read on to learn the eight moving mistakes you should be careful not to make, and how to keep them from happening.

Use professional movers packers

Using professional movers isn’t cheap. But it is almost always worth it. Doing a move yourself, even if you have people helping, is going to be more time and labor-intensive than hiring professionals. If you have items of major value, it’s also going to be way too much riskier. Don’t make a mistake of abandoning the idea of using a moving company just because you want to save some money or because you think it will be an easy job.

. You give yourself too much time

On the other side, starting too late is an equally damaging mistake of starting too early. Not only does giving yourself too much time unnecessarily prolong the moving process, but it also makes it pretty likely that you’ll pack something you end up needing and then end up having to go through already packed boxes to find it.

. You don’t get rid of things

The less you have to move, the better. Plus there’s no use wasting time packing and unpacking the things that you no longer want or need. Often we get caught up in wanting to minimize tasks and simply throw everything into a box. Instead of doing some organization and getting rid of things. In addition to being a waste of time, bringing along unnecessary items can make your move cost more in labor and fuel.

. You forget to pack a moving essentials bag

How is it that it’s always the most important items that are the hardest to find after a move? A moving essential bag is a small bag or suitcase where you store the items you can’t afford to lose or the items that you know you’ll need on moving day. If you don’t pack one, you’re probably going to be looking through boxes trying to find a single item or have to go out and buy something you already have.

. You don’t budget correctly

It’s impossible to anticipate the cost of your move down to the penny, which is why moving companies give you estimates—not quotes. But it’s still smart to get a general idea of what your move is going to cost you, especially if you’re trying to keep costs in a certain range. Sticker shock after a move is totally common. But it can be mitigated by doing the legwork ahead of time to figure out what you’re comfortable spending and how much you’re going to need to budget.

Above recommendations are not only for moving in Dubai.

Best Movers Packers in Dubai

After a close look at verified customer reviews. We have put together a list of the best moving companies in Dubai. The following list of best moving companies.

MA Movers (Rated 4.4 out of 5)

ServiceMarket insight: This company is business for 4 years now. The 2 brothers operate it. MA mover works hard for providing the top quality of service to its customers. It continuously receives good feedback and high levels of customer satisfaction. It has recently started services in Dubai, its previous focus was in Abu Dhabi. 

Customer review: “Movers were very punctual and careful with all our belongings. They were very efficient at dismantling and re-assembling all the furniture and very patient and efficient at putting up the curtains and our artwork. Highly recommend this company for a local move.”

MKN Movers (Rated 4.0 out of 5)

ServiceMarket insight: MKN movers packers are focused on providing premium local moving service to its customers. It has grown substantially over the last couple of years. And it also has kept up its high customer ratings throughout this time.

Customer review: “I am highly impressed with the level of service I got. They arrived on time and the team was very professional. The team packed everything properly and they did it with zero damage. The team helped me set up my new house and worked tirelessly with smiles on their faces.”

NGC Relocation (Rated 4.0 out of 5)

ServiceMarket insight: NGC Relocation has been with ServiceMarket from the very start, and has continuously maintained its high customer satisfaction rating. They are a good option for both local moving and storage.

Customer review: “The Movers were very good and they did a great job. I am very satisfied.”

Phoenix Worldwide Movers (Rated 4.1 out of 5)

ServiceMarket insight:

Phoenix offers both local and international moving services, as well as storage solutions. It prides itself on offering a high standard service with budget prices.  

Customer review: “I did a local move inside Dubai, and Phoenix provided a very good price and delivered fast and on time.”


Quick Serve Relocations (Rated 4.6 out of 5)

ServiceMarket insight: Quick Serve, one of the highest-rated movers packers companies, is an excellent option for local moves and storage.

Customer review: “Very good and professional service. The packing, transferring and unpacking was done in a timely manner. Goods were well protected as well.”

Reef Movers (Rated 4.1 out of 5)

ServiceMarket insight: Reef Movers packers is a family operated, full-service moving and storage company. It provides safe, efficient, and affordable moving services to any point in the UAE and to all corners of the globe.

SA Movers (Rated 4.4 out of 5)

ServiceMarket insight: Operated by two brothers, SA Movers focuses on providing good quality local moving services. They are one of the largest in terms of the size of their team.

Customer review: “To reiterate what others have said, these guys are careful and professional, at a reasonable price as well. They were swift and efficient in disassembling, transporting and re-assembling furniture. Highly recommend, and would use them in the future as well.”

Safeway International Moving & Shipping (Rated 4.3 out of 5)

ServiceMarket insight:

SIMS was established in the UAE in 2008, it has since become a core member of IAM, an X2 Movers member. this movers packers works in Dubai as well.

Customer review: “Very professional communication from the beginning to the end. They came on time. Worked as a bee. Packed everything nicely and moved everything with ease.”

SSG Movers (Rated 4.2 out of 5)

ServiceMarket insight: SSG Movers is a locally run moving company that has always maintained its high level of quality of service. They receive very positive feedback from customers, and making sure that the customer is happy is clearly of utmost importance to them.

Customer review: “Everything was proper, including the packing. They were on time and finished on time. It was fantastic.”

Twiga Movers (Rated 4.2 out of 5)

ServiceMarket insight: Twiga Movers are a professional logistics company with a specialized relocation division. Complete customer satisfaction is at the crux of the Twiga business model.

Customer review: “The team was on time they arrived and started directly. There was a supervisor that was making sure everything was handled with care. The 2 bedroom apartment was cleared and relocated on the same day. The team even emptied my kitchen appliances. There was no damage to my belongings

Beware of scammers, When finding movers packers in Dubai

If you are moving for the very first in Dubai you need to be very careful of the scammers in moving companies in Dubai. Don’t trust anyone from the workforce you hired. They can steal, damage or leave your stuff behind, You must have a trusted friend or agent with them all the time. Meet the higher management your self in their office. Set the modalities of your contract by meeting them personally. Don’t be naive and entrust them with your stuff on the basis of one or two phone calls or some online contacts. Be smart to be safe.


If you are looking for the best movers packers in Dubai you need a proper plan for selecting the best company in Dubai. The first thing to do is the comparison of different companies and their work ethics. Pick the best one you can find. You should keep in mind the thing mentioned above that what you should be doing and what not to do. Research and preplanning are the key elements of finding the best company in Dubai.