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About Us

Al Faris movers and packers are located in Dubai, UAE. We provide some of the best moving solutions to people who are looking to shift their homes, offices or corporation, etc. We are available 24/7 throughout the world.

Best moving solutions

Al Faris movers packers are best in providing moving solutions from one place to another. We make our plans for providing the best moving solution to our customers. While making such plans we keep in mind this thing: the requirements of customers, time management, taking care of the whole moving process with great professionalism.

The following are some of the moving solutions we provide our customers: Packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, transportation and modes of transportation and helping our customers to settle in there place by helping them in setting their new establishment. For providing these services we have a well trained, well equipped and experienced staff. Our staff works with great professionalism according to the will and requirement of our great customers.

Your Moving plan

When it comes to any type of relocation, it is imperative to always have a game plan. However, Al Faris provides you a best moving solutions. Regardless of whether you are moving locally in a city or from one city to another, a relocation game plan is a must. You may most probably cause trouble for yourself if you don’t comprehensively plan your move out well in advance of the upcoming big day. Hiring professional movers and packers is always recommended for safe and hassle-free execution of moving out.

Confirming details for moving solutions

Here at Moving Solutions, we are to establish your move for success well before the moving day arrives. After you have scheduled your move with AL FARIS movers and packers, your chosen moving company may call you about 48 hours before the big day. They will confirm the details of your move and address any questions that you may have. After the completion of the phone call, you can feel self-assured knowing that you are in the agreement with a right moving team that’s ready to take care of your specific relocation requirements.

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Process of moving

Al Faris moving solutions start with the packing of the whole luggage that is being moved. Our staff shall carry out proper and complete packing to make sure the safety of the luggage. After completing the packing process we count the number of packages just be sure. After that our staff takes the luggage to the loading area. So it can be loaded in to the vehicle. The vehicle is also provided by the Al Faris movers and packers for safe and secure transportation of our customer’s luggage.

Once Al Faris moving solutions reach our customer’s new destination we unload the whole luggage carefully. As it is our duty to provides safe and secure transportation and delivery of luggage. We do the recounting of packages making sure that we didn’t miss any thing. Then our next process is to carry out the unpacking of the whole luggage. We also assist our customers in setting their new establishment by helping them place their luggage where they want it to be.

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