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Al faris packers and movers located in Dubai provides best services for the clients shifting there luggage one place to another. We provide our services 24/7. Al faris Packers and movers provides services in shifting furniture, Groceries, packing and unpacking and shifting of luggage.


When a person decide to moves from one area to another, the first thought that comes in their minds is how to safely move their luggage from their current place to the area they are moving in. Proper packing is required for the safety of luggage. However, if you want your packing to be in order, proper & safe packing of your luggage you, Al Faris packers & movers is the best company for you & you came to the right place.

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AL Faris packers & movers provides you with best services that there can be in the field of packing. We have proper staff for this purpose which specializes in packing. Our packing staff is well trained & experienced as far as packing is concerned. Supervisor of our packing staff double-checks the packing before the luggage has to leaves for the area where our client is shifting his luggage.

Al FARIS company provides the facility of loading before moving to our client’s new destination. We have skilled labor for loading. They do there work with great caution making sure the safety of the luggage. After that we move client’s luggage to a new area.


When we are done with the packing of the luggage, our next job is to provide a smooth transfer of the luggage to the new area or place where our client is moving. Specifically for moving we provide have the best of vehicles ( trucks, semi trailer-trucks) with well trained & experienced drivers. Before moving, by ours packers movers ,we count the numbers of total packages before moving them making sure that we don’t leave any of the packages behind. When we reach our client’s new destination counting do counting of luggage for the satisfaction of our client.

When we reach our client’s destinations next process is to unload the luggage and moving it inside the building safely protecting it from any kind of damage.

After we reach the building next process is to furnish the furniture and placing other groceries in the house according to the desire of our client. We place every thing where our client want it to be.

The satisfaction of client on packers movers

The whole purpose of Al Faris Packers Movers services is to satisfy our client. If our client wants to be present during the whole process of packing & moving he welcome to do so. However, if they are busy and unable to be there in person they can send their agent instead.

CONCLUDING REMARKS about packers movers
We provide packers movers services worldwide at an affordable cost. Our services are proper packing of luggage and than moving it. We also provide loading facility, transport with drivers, unloading facility and helping our client in unpacking, furnishing etc.